Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blogger Award!

The uber talented and very stylish Ann Schach has passed on to me the Stylish Blogger Award, thank you Ann! Her blog is one of my favorites, so it is such an honor!

Ok, so eight facts about myself:

1. I love to read. I love Jane Austen novels and read Pride and Prejudice twice a year, it always makes my heart flutter. I'm reading Emma right now ;)
2. I still love Winnie The Pooh.
3. When I was a teen, I had teased hair and my walls and ceilings were covered with rock and roll posters and magazine cut outs.
4. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Vampire Diaries5. I have lived in Georgia, California, New York, and Florida
6. I love to bake, but hate to clean up the mess.
7. I still get excited at Christmas. Now that my kids are older I am more excited than them! I just love the lights, music, decorations, and just the warm happy feeling of the season. It always bums me out to put away our decorations, but hubby is a neat freak and always wants it gone the first week of January.
8. I have three fur babies, Lady (13) a Lab/Chow mix who my mother gave to our daughter as a birthday present when she was 5. We had no idea that we were getting a dog and were not ready for one. She found her abandoned by her mother, covered in fleas, but she is an amazing dog, and SO smart. Then we have Dixie (3), a black and tan Dachshund, my daughter had been wanting a Doxie for years, so along came Dixie. And most recently added to our family is Suzie, a red Dachshund (she will be 2 in March). We adopted her a couple of months ago, we are her fourth and forever home and we just love her to pieces! BTW, these little dogs make excellent bed warmers on cold nights!

Now to pass the award on to eight other fabulously styling blogs:

Linda (she doesn't make cards, she makes yummy cupcakes!)

Please check out these amazing blogs! Thanks again Ann!


  1. Congrats on your award sweetie!! I just ADORE your doxies hun!! They're so sweet!! :)

  2. wow tanya thank you so much-I will post it on my blog with pleasure

  3. Fascinating facts, Tanya! You are so deserving of this award! Adorable fur babies! And Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, too! I keep everything up as long as I can...although The Boxer Twins had different plans for this year!

  4. Can you believe I have never read P & P!! On my reading list for this summer! I've been reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and just LOVE it!! Best part is her books are 900 pages long and they are wonderfully written. Next is Ken Follet's newest book, Land of Giants - can't wait to get in to it as I loved Pillars of the Earth and World Without End.